Now, more than ever, Australians need the ABC – our strong, trusted and independent public broadcaster. 
Australians have grown up with the ABC – watching Play School, Bananas in Pyjamas or ABC Kids – and 17 million of us still consume some form of ABC content every week. 
The first radio and TV services heard in the bush were courtesy of the ABC, and regional towns around the country still depend on the ABC for their local news today. 
Despite this, Scott Morrison has launched the biggest attack on ABC independence in a generation. 
Since 2014, ABC funding has been cut by $366 million and 800 staff have lost their jobs. This is despite the Liberals’ 2013 election promise of “no cuts to the ABC or SBS”. 
The recent Senate committee inquiry into allegations of political interference in the ABC demonstrates that the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has used practically every lever at its disposal to undermine the ABC, including funding cuts, politicising board appointments, meddlesome inquiries and reviews, and a litany of complaints. 

In the 2019-20 Budget, the Morrison Government locked in its latest unfair cut of $83.7 million in ABC funding, despite the ABC's warning that this cut threatens delivery of the requirements of the ABC Charter.  
To cap it off, the Liberal Federal Council has voted to privatise the ABC. 
We need to speak up before it’s too late and send a clear message of support for our public broadcasters. 
It’s up to all of us to stand up for our ABC against the attacks by the Liberals, Nationals and One Nation.